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Guide to Buying Upgraded Rims for Your Car July 10, 2018

Lihue, Kauai
Guide to Buying Upgraded Rims for Your Car, Lihue, Hawaii

Tire rims aren’t just a car accessory to add style and personality to your ride. These devices support the rubber portion of the tire and provide grip to ensure your wheel works properly. What should you consider when choosing a new set of rims? Below, the team at Tire Warehouse Kauai in Lihue, HI, shares four aspects to keep in mind during the purchasing process.

Consider These Factors When Purchasing New Rims

1. Fitment

A wheel’s fitment refers to two measurements. One is offset, the distance from the middle of the wheel to the mount. The other, backspacing, refers to the distance between the back of the wheel to the mounting area. Rims with the right fitment ensure the tires offer the proper amount of clearance by adjusting the width and height. The right fitment allows for traction and minimized risk of fender rub, which can reduce tire life.

2. Used Versus New

rims Lihue HIPurchasing used rims can be dangerous since their structural integrity may not be reliable, leaving your wheels vulnerable to breakage. A safer choice is new, top-quality rims and tires for a smooth ride. 

3. Bolt Patterns

All vehicle tires have bolt patterns, the measurements of which show how many bolts are around the wheel and the distance between them. For example, 5x100 means five bolts around a 100 mm diameter. The rims must match up with the bolt pattern on the wheels for the right fit.

4. Style

The aesthetic of the rims should be your final consideration when upgrading your vehicle. Shiny chrome rims or understated matte black ones, multicolored, concave, ones with heart cut-outs—whatever you’re in the market for, chances are you’ll find it.  You can even opt for flashy spinners that will make your wheels look like they’re moving even when parked.

When you need new rims, turn to the ASE-certified technicians at Tire Warehouse Kauai. For more than 44 years, they have provided tires, rims, retreads, and mechanic services to the island. With brands like Goodrich®, Goodyear®, and Michelin®, they’ll have the products to suit your car. To talk over which options are best for your needs, call (808) 245-6754. Visit the website to look at their inventory.

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