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Top 5 Ways Gardening Is Good for Your Health July 9, 2018

Hilo, Hawaii
Top 5 Ways Gardening Is Good for Your Health, Hilo, Hawaii

Everyone should get outside and enjoy the fresh air often. There are plenty of healthy ways to do so, including one that might not immediately spring to mind: gardening. From basic lawn care duties to the cultivation of an exceptional garden, there are many health benefits for those who make it a part of their routine. If you're thinking about taking your botanical ability to the next level, here are a few of the ways it can positively impact your health.

5 Health Benefits of Gardening

1. Improved Hand Strength

Gardening may not be the most intense workout available, but there are some sweat-inducing aspects to it. Tending to your garden exercises the muscles in your hands and improves dexterity while you pull weeds and dig up soil.

2. Vitamin D Exposure

Gardening is especially handy for those looking to soak in more vitamin D. Protect yourself from the effects of the sun's harmful UV rays with sunscreen and outerwear, and you'll reap the benefits while minimizing the risks.

3. Natural Stress Relief

If you're looking to relieve stress or boost your mood, gardening is a solution. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, gardening served as more effective stress relief than the indoor reading alternative. The study measured both self-reported mood and levels of salivary cortisol in participating gardeners.

4. Socialization Opportunities

gardeningWhile tending to a garden might seem like an isolated activity, there are many ways the process can involve socialization. Community gardens are among the most common, delivering an opportunity for collaborative projects in warm, open areas. These gardens also have the potential to generate resources and encourage a new level of self-reliance.

5. Boosted Brain Health

Thanks to the way gardening incorporates multiple functions at once, it can pave a path toward improved brain health. From problem-solving and endurance to a keen awareness of one's surroundings, it benefits those dealing with dementia. A 16-year study conducted in Dubbo of New South Wales, Australia found that those who gardened regularly were 36% less likely to develop dementia.


Once you get started on a garden of your own, these and other key benefits will quickly make themselves known. Whenever you need gardening supplies, turn to the family-owned and -operated Garden Exchange in Hilo, HI. Since their founding in 1964, they have provided everything from flowers to an extensive lawn mower repair service. Visit the website to learn more about their inventory, and call (808) 961-2875 to inquire about specials.

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