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3 NYC Door Codes Commercial Locksmiths Want You to Know July 13, 2018

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3 NYC Door Codes Commercial Locksmiths Want You to Know, Manhattan, New York

If you own a commercial building in New York City, there are numerous legal requirements you must be aware of to stay in compliance with local ordinances. These include door codes, which are put in place to keep a building’s occupants safe. The team at ADA NY Locksmith in Manhattan has been serving city residents for more than three decades. Below, the commercial locksmiths discuss three door codes property owners need to know.

A Commercial Locksmith’s Guide to NYC Door Codes

1. Rooftop Doors

All doors that offer access to the rooftop in New York City must have a working alarm. Additionally, the rooftop doors need at least 6 feet of clearance space in every direction in the event firefighters need to get to it. It needs to have a working latch, and it must be self-closing; in the event of a fire, this function will prevent oxygen from getting into the building and worsening the blaze.

2. Front Doors

If your commercial building has more than one door in the front, you may designate one as the main entrance. Just be aware the fire department needs to be able to easily access it in the event of an emergency. The front door to the building needs to have a single-sided latch or a deadbolt that closes manually on the inside. Additionally, it needs to be self-closing, and it cannot be propped open if the HVAC unit is in use.

3. Apartment Doors

commercial locksmithFor tenant safety, all unit doors must have a spring so they close automatically behind the person. This makes it easier for disabled individuals to enter and exit and also protects tenants from would-be intruders by ensuring the door cannot remain open, even if they forget to close it. They also need to have a single-sided latch.

To ensure you comply with New York City building code requirements for doors, it’s best to work with a professional. The commercial locksmiths at ADA NY Locksmith are highly knowledgeable and happy to tell you what is necessary to ensure your structure is in compliance. They can also install locks and fire-safe doors and help customers deal with lockouts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To find out what they can do for you, call (212) 689-1803 or visit their storefront on East 26th Street. You can also follow them on Twitter for more tips.

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