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5 Types of Custom Windows You Can Install in Your Home August 15, 2018

Spring Valley, Rockland County
5 Types of Custom Windows You Can Install in Your Home, Spring Valley, New York

Windows come in all shapes and sizes to lend to the aesthetic of a home and provide functionality and protection. Whether you’re building a new home, remodeling your current abode, or just need window replacement, here are a few custom windows to consider installing.

Your Guide to Custom Window Options

1. Single Hung

The most common type of residential window is the single-hung window frame. This option has two sashes or framed panes of glass, one of which typically slides open vertically. They come in many different sizes and are easy to install and operate.

2. Double Hung

The double hung window is similar to the single hung except that both sashes can move. This gives you more ventilation as you can open from both the top and the bottom. These windows are energy efficient and are easy to clean.

3. Hopper & Awning

Custom WindowsFor wet climates where ventilation is a must, awning windows can let the breeze in while keeping out air. These custom windows swing out on hinges located at the top of the window. Hopper windows do the same except they open from the top instead of the bottom. While this does allow for rain entry, these windows are useful in basements as they block dirt and dust from your home.

4. Storm

Storm windows are single-pane options that are usually hung in front of existing windows. They are extremely durable and can make your home more efficient by effectively turning single-pane windows into doubles. Instead of replacing old, inefficient windows, many homeowners opt for the more affordable option of adding storm windows.

5. Casement

These two-sided windows open on hinges facing each other and can create more air circulation than single- or double-hung types. However, because they typically open outward, they won’t accommodate an air conditioning unit.


If you’re still not sure what windows you should have installed in your home, the professionals at Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY, can help. Serving Rockland, Northern Bergen, Orange, and Westchester counties as well as New York City, they create custom windows that will make your home brighter, more comfortable, and energy efficient. Call (845) 352-2200 to speak with a representative, and like them on Facebook to read customer reviews.

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