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A Guide to Mac® Repairs July 10, 2018

Falconhurst, Asheville
A Guide to Mac® Repairs, Asheville, North Carolina

As well-crafted and durable as a Mac® computer tends to be, problems can still develop over time. But how can you tell if it’s a serious issue that deserves the attention of a professional or something you might be able to fix on your own? Here’s a rundown of how you should handle Mac repairs

Identify if There’s an Urgency

Mac repairSome situations demand immediate action. For instance, if you’ve spilled water on the machine, it’s important to act immediately and get the device to a professional Mac repair specialist to salvage the data. Whereas occasional freezing might not require time-sensitive repairs, problems that could cause data loss might need immediate attention. 

Try Basic Troubleshooting

If you determine the problem doesn’t need immediate attention and might be solvable, it’s worth using basic practices to attempt to troubleshoot the issue on your own. For instance, restarting the computer will often reset lingering problems. If the computer’s battery keeps draining, try a second charger before enlisting in Mac repairs.

Speak With a Professional

After you’ve exhausted the basic tricks, schedule an appointment with a Mac repair specialist. Tinkering with the machine on your own can easily lead to damage and result in data loss, so it’s best to leave any major repairs to a professional. When you’re on the phone with the specialist, they might even make some suggestions you can try on your own before you come in. 


Experimac Asheville in North Carolina has earned a reputation as the region’s foremost expert on Apple® devices. If you need iPhone® or Mac repairs, the veteran technicians are specifically trained to work with Apple products. They also have a reputation as a friendly staff that will patiently explain why the problem occurred and how you can prevent it in the future. To schedule an appointment with the crew, call (828) 505-6260 today, or visit their website to learn more about the computer store. 

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