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Why a Will & Testament is Important & How to Get One July 20, 2018

Hartford, Hartford, CT
Why a Will & Testament is Important & How to Get One , Hartford, Connecticut

Do you know how to establish who receives your property and cares for your minor children if you pass away before them? A last will and testament allows individuals to make those and other crucial decisions. Here is why this document is vital and how to make it.

What You Should Know About Making a Last Will & Testament

Purposes of a Will

A last will and testament is a legal document allowing a maker — called a testator or testatrix — to designate who distributes and receives their property as well as the timing of distribution. Parents use wills to name guardians for their minor children and adult children with special needs and establish trusts to fund their children’s care. Testators can change their wills at any time, and the documents have no effect until they pass away.

Importance of Wills

will-and-testamentPeople passing away without wills are said to die intestate. When that happens, the state applies its intestate succession laws to distribute property and award child guardianship to surviving relatives — such as spouses, children, parents, or siblings. Making a will eliminates state interference in these decisions and ensures an individual’s final wishes are carried out.

Making a Will & Testament

Hiring an attorney experienced in will drafting assures you’ll make a document that complies with the law and expresses your wishes effectively. Wise counsel from a skilled attorney gives you the knowledge, guidance, and peace of mind you need when making crucial decisions about your family and possessions.


Adults of all ages should have a last will and testament to express their wishes concerning their loved ones and property. Backed by over 35 years of experience, the attorneys at Weingast Law in Hartford, CT, offer sound advice and professional representation to individuals throughout the state. Depend on their knowledge of wills and family law to help you make wise decisions and protect your interests. To schedule a consultation, visit the website now or call (860) 233-1440. Follow them on Facebook for more valuable tips.

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