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The 5 Best Tips for Hosting Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies July 10, 2018

Woods Bay-Rollins, Lake
The 5 Best Tips for Hosting Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies, Woods Bay-Rollins, Montana

Open-air wedding ceremonies make for a beautiful, memorable, and romantic occasion. Whether you’re planning summer nuptials or winter vows, there are helpful ways to ensure you and your guests are thrilled with the festivities, food, and decor. Explore the expert event planning recommendations below to avoid the most common weather blunders.

Top Advice for Outside Wedding Ceremonies 

1. Hire the Right Vendors 

When it’s time to decide on catering, a DJ, or a baker, consider their seasonal experience. Ask about their policies on food safety, transporting meals and cakes, and quickly moving the party to a new location. Consult with your wedding planner or event venue if necessary. They will recommend businesses who are skilled at transitions and flexible with change. Interview your photographer and inquire about their experience in outdoor light and finding memorable photo opportunities in variable conditions. Ask to see their portfolio for examples.

2. Inform Your Guests 

Offer your guests as much helpful information as possible before the event. Wedding invitations should include what to wear and the weather conditions you’re expecting. If you’re planning a destination wedding, add a brochure or information card about the climate and how to pack. Be prepared to answer questions from detail-oriented friends and family members. 

3. Keep Everyone Comfortable 

Provide pre-ceremony cold water and handheld fans for hot weather. If it’s chilly, heat lamps and warm cocktails will make receptions more pleasurable. In case of wind, rent a large tent. While a covering prevents decor from flying around, it also preserves hairstyles and elegant dresses. Spring and summer weddings are notorious for attracting bugs, so ask your venue if they can spray for mosquitos the day before. 

Bigfork Wedding Ceremonies4. Decorate Appropriately 

An experienced event venue will cut the grass and rake the grounds before the ceremony. Avoid placing floral centerpieces and bouquets in direct sunlight or snowy weather. Tablecloths, place settings, and tents should be weighed down in case of wind. Add luminaries, string lights, or torches to the reception space for a dramatic backdrop.  

5. Create a Backup Plan 

Every outdoor wedding should include an alternate reception and ceremony site. Ensure your location has a building or banquet hall for rainy days, especially if thunderstorms are in the forecast. If you expect light snow or an occasional shower, a tent should be enough. 


There are many benefits to hosting outdoor nuptials, but they require careful planning. Atanaha Event Center in Bigfork, MT, can help you pull off an unforgettable open-air reception. For information about their location, event planning, and catering for wedding ceremonies, call them at (406) 837-2231. To browse their photo gallery and learn more about their vendors, visit their website. Explore more helpful tips for creating a beautiful and tasteful experience by following them on Facebook

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