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5 Tips for Running a Productive Home Office July 16, 2018

Ossining, Westchester
5 Tips for Running a Productive Home Office, Ossining, New York

Working from home requires focus and organization. Without these basic traits, productivity may suffer tremendously. The key to becoming a more successful worker at home is creating an environment and adopting habits that are conducive to producing results. From your work ethic to your interior painting color of choice, there are many elements that play important roles. Here are five tips to improve your home office.

How to Make Your Home Office Highly Productive

1. Declutter Your Space

Success takes a backseat to stress, which is largely caused by physical clutter. Disorganized surroundings can be surprisingly burdensome to home offices because they create an environment of chaos and disrupt the natural inclination to focus without distraction. And if you spend too much time looking for a file or a pen, you’re far less likely to produce the kinds of results you want.

2. Create Daily Lists

Westchester County, NY interior paintingMaking lists is one of the best ways to tackle the prospect of a busy workday. Simply crossing each item off as you go along is an easy way to stay motivated. Make it a point to create practical lists that won’t overwhelm you at a glance. An actionable list sets the tone for your day and gives you a boost when you feel like you aren’t accomplishing as much as you should.

3. Select Calming Colors

A dark room can make it difficult to get work done. Interior painting colors have a surprisingly strong impact on your productivity. Consider your profession as you mull over your choices. Creative industries may take inspiration from bright hues like yellow and orange, while more analytical roles may be best suited to straightforward shades like green and blue. Painting contractors typically have dozens of variations of each shade, making it simple to select one in a family you prefer.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Just because you don’t work in a corporate office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take regular breaks. You can use these lulls in the day to work some color into your day just as you did when you choose your interior painting hue. Take a walk around the neighborhood or at a local park to refresh your mind; you’ll feel far more energized and upbeat when you’re ready to work again.

5. Keep It Quiet

Solitude is typically best if your goal is to be as productive as possible. Some workers prefer to listen to some quiet music or the low hum of the television in the background. Avoid the typical household noises that tend to create major distractions, like pets barking or neighbors playing in the backyard.


With some concentrated effort, anyone can be more productive at home. The team at CET Painting, serving Westchester County, NY, can transform your home office using high-quality interior painting colors. Trust these painting contractors to provide outstanding service while completing the job using only top-of-the-line paints and tools. Visit their website for information about their residential interior painting services or call (914) 615-1415 to schedule a free color consultation.