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What a Chiropractor Wants You to Know About Pinched Nerves July 16, 2018

Fort Dodge, Webster
What a Chiropractor Wants You to Know About Pinched Nerves, Fort Dodge, Iowa

When muscles, tendons, bones, or cartilage compress a nerve, it can cause pain, numbness, weakness, or tingling near the affected area. These symptoms arise when the pressure disrupts the nerve’s function. A pinched nerve might be able to repair itself if it is only compressed for a short while. In many cases, though, treatment is necessary. Here, a chiropractor from Midwest Spine Center in Fort Dodge, IA, shares a few details you should know about treating and preventing pinched nerves. 

When to Seek Medical Intervention 

chiropractorSomething as simple as poor posture can cause a pinched nerve. For example, crossing your legs for hours at a time can put pressure on the nerves in your legs or ankles. Fortunately, changing your position should relieve any discomfort, and permanent damage is unlikely. If you suffer an impact injury or experience symptoms that do not dissipate in a matter of days, though, it is essential to seek diagnosis and treatment. After examining the area and evaluating any signs or symptoms, a knowledgeable chiropractor will devise a treatment plan that aims to relieve pressure on the nerve and facilitate the body’s natural healing process.

How to Prevent Future Pinched Nerves

Although anyone is vulnerable to nerve compression, there are certain risk factors that can increase your chances of developing a pinched nerve. According to the Mayo Clinic, such factors include pregnancy and obesity, as well as conditions like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Performing the same movement over and over (like typing on a smartphone) can also make someone more likely to have a pinched nerve. Although people have no control over some of these risk factors, most can prevent pinched nerves by practicing good posture, limiting repetitive activities, maintaining a healthy weight, and incorporating stretching and strength training into their workouts. 

If you have muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, or radiating pain and think a pinched nerve is to blame, turn to a chiropractor at Midwest Spine Center for diagnosis and treatment. Located in Webster County, IA, this chiropractic clinic provides comprehensive care that aims to treat pain at the source. For more than 20 years, they have been helping patients of all ages achieve lasting pain relief. Check out their website to explore the services they provide, or call (515) 576-1176 to make an appointment with a chiropractor today. 

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