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3 Common Hiding Places for House Keys to Avoid July 10, 2018

Fairfield, Butler
3 Common Hiding Places for House Keys to Avoid, Fairfield, Ohio

Whether you constantly lose track of belongings or are expecting house guests, leaving a spare set of keys outside your space is a practice that should be avoided. According to the locksmiths at Central Safe & Lock in Fairfield OH, some hiding places have become so popular that they’re the first places burglars will look to gain entry to your home. Below, the leading locksmiths in Butler and Hamilton counties explain what hiding places for keys make your property vulnerable to break-ins.  

3 Hiding Places You Should Never Use for Spare Keys

1. Taped to the Back or Underside of Mailboxes

locksmithRegardless of whether you have a free-standing mailbox or wall-mounted installation, never leave your key attached to the container. Although the shiny pieces of metal might not be noticeable on the back or underside of a mailbox, would-be intruders could easily feel for a key without raising alarms. If anyone notices, they could just pretend to drop a letter in the box.  

2. Tucked Under Fake Rocks

Although leaving a spare key under a fake rock might seem like a discreet hiding place, keep in mind that burglars will pay attention to something near entrances that seems out of place. Unless the area is covered with rocks or gravel, a lone stone might seem suspicious and worth investigating. If the color of the rock doesn’t match nearby stones, its presence could also raise suspicions.

3. Hidden Beneath Flower Pots

Never hide spare keys under any eye-catching features near the front door. Intruders won’t overlook vibrant flowers, which means they could check for a key under the pot or inside the soil if they can’t find one in other locations.

If you ever get locked out of the house, it’s best to call the locksmiths at Central Safe & Lock for help. They have the tools to gain access to your home without putting the security of your property at risk. They will also provide tips to prevent future lockouts. To learn more about lock repair and installation services available in Fairfield and the surrounding areas, call (513) 887-1870. Visit the locksmiths online to discover the many solutions they provide to boost property security.

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