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3 Types of Noodles in Thai Cuisine July 30, 2018

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
3 Types of Noodles in Thai Cuisine, Kahului, Hawaii

If you’re new to Thai restaurants, you might be surprised to learn there are three common types of noodles. Noodles are a staple in many Thai meals, from Pad Thai to kang jerd woon sen. Here’s a guide to Thai noodles, and some suggestions for choosing between them.

What Type of Noodles Are Served in Thai Restaurants?

1. Rice Noodles

Typically made from rice flour and water, rice noodles may also contain tapioca and cornstarch to enhance the texture and flavor. They can be made in a variety of widths, which allows for versatility in different Asian dishes. And, because these are made from rice flour, they’re gluten-free. You’ll usually find this option used in dishes like Pad Thai.

2. Egg Noodles

thai restaurantEgg noodles are usually made from wheat flour and egg. Depending on the restaurant or chef, they may be cut into varying thicknesses and made with varying quantities of egg. Because they hold up well to high levels of heat, these noodles are commonly found in stir-fry dishes. Many people also love to smother them in sauce, especially when they are thick and will cling to the brothy flavors. 

3. Bean Thread Noodles   

Generally made from ground mung beans, bean thread noodles are often slender and slightly gelatinous. Though the noodles themselves offer very little flavor, they absorb sauces and broths. As a result, Thai restaurants usually use bean thread noodles in soups, such as long rice soup, which is also known as kang jerd woon sen.


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