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Dance Studio’s Guide to East & West Coast Swing Dancing July 10, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
Dance Studio’s Guide to East & West Coast Swing Dancing, Hamden, Connecticut

Learning a new form of dance can be fun and exciting for individuals and couples alike. One of the most popular styles to learn is swing dancing, which is compromised of many different variations of this popular dance. To help you determine which option you’d prefer to learn, the experts from Arthur Murray Dance Studio, the leading dance studio in Hamden, CT, have put together the following information. Here, these professional dance instructors share the differences between two main types of swing dancing: east coast and west coast swing.

Dance Studio Explains the Differences Between East & West Coast Swing Dancing

East Coast

dance studioMany different versions of East Coast Swing are commonly referred to as Jitterbug, Bop, Lindy and Shag. East Coast Swing dancing came into it’s own with the popularity of swing music in the 1930s and is still relevant today. In this style, dancers typically move with triple steps, tap steps and rock steps. With a mixture of turns and wraps, they dance in a circular motion. Because this tends to be a very upbeat and energetic dance, it relies on strong movements, such as rotations and bounces. For those hoping to mix things up, this style of dance can easily be combined with others, including the Foxtrot or the Cha-Cha.

West Coast

West Coast swing dancing, on the other hand, is typically slower and is best danced to many different versions of R & B music. Rather than relying on circular patterns, dancers move within a track moving forward and back. That means this type of dancing is very linear, restricting movement to a straight line. In addition, dancers will usually replace the rock steps of East Coast Swing with walking steps. The forward and back movement will make West Coast Swing less bouncy but the slow tempo of the music will encourage some to use more body rhythm. This dance gives both the leader and the follower a lot of liberty with their timing and footwork.

If you’re interested in these dance styles, the experts at Arthur Murray Dance Studio offer the lessons you need to learn and enjoy your time. With a variety of private dance lessons available, these instructors will have you feeling confident for any social dance or event. Regardless of your current skill level, their team of certified professionals is ready to teach you. To learn more about their lessons, call this dance studio today at (203) 288-2482 or visit their website.