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Replacing Your Front Door Lock? 5 Important Insights to Consider July 9, 2018

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Replacing Your Front Door Lock? 5 Important Insights to Consider, Preston, Connecticut

The security of your front door lock should never keep you up at night. Whether you are replacing yours due to wear and tear, a recent break-in, or because you moved into a new home, there are several matters to consider before calling your local locksmith. Use the following list to make an informed decision, and always rely on a reputable, experienced locksmith to replace this essential lock.

Top 5 Front Door Lock Considerations

1. Quality First

Never skimp on quality when it comes to home security. Research top brands and discuss your findings with your local locksmith to ensure your choice will last instead of sticking or breaking a few months in. The desired level of security should also influence your lock selection.

2. Frequency Of Use

locksmithDetermine the frequency of use based on the number of people in your household and how often everyone exits and enters your home each day. Your lock selection must hold up against daily traffic without forcing the key or causing it to break in the lock.

3. The Deadbolt Factor

Purchase a deadbolt lock to increase the security of your front door dramatically. Knob locks are relatively easy to break into with a variety of sharp implements because they operate on a pin system burglars can manipulate. Deadbolts, in comparison, are made from hardened steel with the bolt extending fully into the door jamb. Opt for a double deadbolt with a key entry on both sides instead of single bolts with thumb turns, especially if your front door features a fragile material like glass.

4. Climate

Keep your climate in mind while browsing selections. Doors and door frames can warp in extreme weather, resulting in locks that no longer match up with their jambs. You may want to consider replacing the entire door with a steel model if you feel weather conditions will interfere with your lock.

5. Personal Preferences

Talk about lock options and preferences with your family. Electronic or keyless locks, for example, may be preferable if you have small children and do not want to distribute keys. There is also no need to hide spare keys on your property with electronic models.

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