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Benefits of Working With an Eco-Conscious Pressure Washing Team July 9, 2018

South Hill, Pierce
Benefits of Working With an Eco-Conscious Pressure Washing Team, South Hill, Washington

Whether you consider yourself to be a conservationist or not, there are a few benefits to working with a pressure washing team that values a healthy environment. Because they will avoid waste whenever possible, they will advise you on how to restore the beauty of your existing structure with earth-friendly techniques, which can save you money in addition to helping the environment. Below are a few more benefits to working with a team that will be kind to nature during cleaning.

Why You Should Choose an Eco-Friendly Pressure Washing Company

Conserve Resources

The process of pressure washing uses less water than other cleaning techniques simply because the powerful stream loosens dirt and debris quickly and efficiently. Additionally, its effectiveness can make dingy surfaces look like new again, which eliminates the waste, energy, and natural resources needed to install a new surface or structure. 

pressure washingUse Eco-Friendly Products

Environmentally aware companies only utilize biodegradable detergents and degreasers that are safe for the planet. These products break down easily and do not affect eco-systems and plant life around the area. These cleaners will effectively remove grime, grease, algae, and other stains on concrete, siding, wood, and other surfaces, but they will not damage your flower beds, lawn, or pets.

Limit Breakdown of Surfaces

In some cases, water is the only thing needed to clean an area. The powerful surge from the pressure washing equipment is strong enough to break through tough grit and caked on dirt, eliminating the need to use any soaps at all. Though biodegradable cleansers will not harm an ecosystem, your surface may last longer without the use of detergents, which will continue to conserve the resources needed to replace your deck, sidewalk, or siding.


When you need a pressure washing company that takes the safety of the environment seriously, trust Dacey’s Power Cleaning. Located in Puyallup, WA, their professional team knows how to remove the toughest of grime caused by weather, debris, and other trouble. Whether you need storefront cleaning or house washing, the company uses eco-friendly chemicals for every job to break down algae, dirt, and stains for an immaculate result. Call (253) 335-0539 to schedule an appointment, and visit them online for more information on their power washing services.

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