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5 Ways to Turn Your Walk-in Closet Into a Deluxe Dressing Room July 6, 2018

Botany Hills, Covington
5 Ways to Turn Your Walk-in Closet Into a Deluxe Dressing Room, Covington, Kentucky


Walk-in closets are the ultimate bedroom luxury. But when you don’t take advantage of that space, it looks like nothing more than a big, boring room stocked with some clothes. If you liven that area up with classy custom closet services, you can feel like you’re entering a personalized dressing room every day. Give your closet the upgrade it deserves with these modifications.

How to Transform Your Closet Into a Dressing Room

1. Built-in Bench

Every dressing room has a seating area. They’re practical, comfy, and a nice way to divide your space. Have one installed in the center or back of your walk-in closet to balance the room. The siding should be the same color and wood as the shelving and cabinets, while the cushion can match the accents or contrast with the wood.

2. High-Quality Hangers

Even the fanciest walk-in closets won’t look their best if the hangers are mismatched. Different sized, shaped, and colored clothing hangers mixed together look messy. Go out and buy enough sets of high-quality hangers to fill your closet. Their uniformity will give off an organized, professional feeling.

3. Glass Doors

walk-in closetsYou shouldn’t have to stow away all of your best clothes. Have a few cabinets with glass doors installed to store items you don’t want exposed to dust but do want on display. Your walk-in will look like a high-end boutique. Of course, you’ll still be able to keep other clothing hidden behind solid wood cabinets and drawers.

4. Chandelier

What’s more high-class than a gorgeous chandelier? Hang one in the middle of your walk-in closet’s ceiling to keep the focal point in the center. Depending on the size and shape of your closet, different styles may appeal to you. You don’t want a huge chandelier making your closet look tiny, but smaller, deeper closets can benefit from a horizontal chandelier. Small, rounded chandeliers and crystal ceiling fixtures suit larger closets well.

5. Laundry Cabinet

Don’t ruin your beautifully customized dressing room with a big, clunky laundry basket or dirty clothes strewn on the floor. Add a laundry cabinet for discreet storage. These blend in with the rest of your closet, then open from the top to reveal a conveniently removable laundry basket. Your closet will forever look clean and in order.


If you need help creating a walk-in closet worthy of a lavish boutique, come to Cincinnati Closets®. These professional closet organizers have been designing, installing, and maintaining custom closets in the Greater Cincinnati area for 29 years. With the highest quality materials, full customization, and the lowest prices around, they’re the go-to contractors for all of your storage and organization needs. Call (513) 631-7979 for a free estimate. Visit their website to learn more. 

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