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5 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals July 5, 2018

Kaneohe, Koolaupoko
5 Excuses That Keep You From Reaching Your Goals, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

Contrary to popular belief, the secret to achieving your goals isn’t time, money, or luck—it’s commitment. Successful people pursue their wildest dreams, and they don’t let excuses stand in their way. With that in mind, the team at Goal Focused Results, founded by life coach Roanne Abe in Kaneohe, HI, reveal five common excuses that are keeping you from moving forward.

Life Coach Shares 5 Excuses That Are Holding You Back

1. Time

Everyone is given 24 hours in a day, and you decide how to fill that time. Whether you want to learn a new language, write a book, or exercise more regularly, you need to set aside time to do so alongside existing commitments. For example, it may be tempting to binge your new favorite show to unwind after work, but you have to decide if those episodes are more important than progressing toward your dreams.

2. Money

life coachWhen you work with a life coach, you can articulate goals and a path to reach them, which includes prioritizing where you spend your budget. You might have to reduce spending in parts of your life or rethink the way you approach finances, especially if certain behaviors are limiting your ability to focus on what matters: the pursuit of your passions.

3. Fear

Whether you’re starting a new business or heading to a gym for the first time, it’s scary to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when trying new things and breaking from a regular routine. You have to decide whether you want to overcome that discomfort or let it rule your life.

4. Difficulty

If achieving dreams were easy, everyone would do it. As a life coach will tell you, embracing the grind and recognizing roadblocks, struggles, and learning curves as part of the process will bring your goal within sight.

5. Failure

It’s natural to want to avoid rejection and failure. However, if you don’t make an active effort to achieve your goals, you’ll always wonder what could have been. Failure is a part of life—what matters is your ability to get back up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward. 

It’s easy to find excuses. However, a life coach can help you establish strategies and concrete plans to achieve exactly what you want. That’s why people throughout Kaneohe, HI, trust Strategic Intervention Life Coach Roanne Abe at Goal Focused Results to provide accountability, guidance, and support. Whether you want to manage your lifestyle, reduce stress, or take control of your health, you’ll find that change is possible. Schedule a free clarity session today on the website or by calling (808) 386-2834.

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