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Mechanic Shares Why It’s Important to Get Regular Oil Changes July 16, 2018

Canarsie, Brooklyn
Mechanic Shares Why It’s Important to Get Regular Oil Changes, Brooklyn, New York

Most car owners know the importance of preventive maintenance, but many tend to procrastinate when it comes to scheduling an oil change. While putting it off may save you money in the short-term, doing so can be detrimental to the engine, risking damage and costlier repairs down the road. Puma’s Auto Care, a trusted mechanic in Brooklyn, NY, shares some of the reasons why you should get oil changes regularly.

Mechanic Lists 5 Reasons Why You Need Oil Changes

1. Maintains Engine Parts

Because the engine is made up of several moving parts, including the pistons and valves, it heats up due to friction. Without proper lubrication, resistance increases and causes components to wear out faster, damaging the engine in the process. New oil provides a protective layer over engine parts to keep them working smoothly and prevent corrosion.

2. Eliminates Particulates & Sludge

Over time, the oil deteriorates as additives get used up, collecting dirt and debris while lubricating the engine. It turns to sludge as it loses viscosity and becomes less effective in providing protection. To avoid clogging the system and damaging the engine, get an oil change right away.

3. Allows for Other Checkups

Scheduling an mechanicoil change lets you establish a benchmark for other car tune-ups, such as brake service, tire inspection, and parts replacements. A mechanic can also check for other potential issues under the hood, like fluid leaks or transmission problems, which would otherwise be overlooked.

4. Better Fuel Economy

Poor lubrication and dirty filters can cause increased fuel consumption, as the engine strains to work harder than usual. For better gas mileage, have your oil and filters changed regularly. Check your owner’s manual to determine what type of oil the manufacturer recommends, since it can also improve fuel economy.

5. Longer Vehicle Lifespan

Routine maintenance is one of the keys for extending your vehicle’s service life. With regular oil changes, sudden breakdowns and expensive repairs tend to be fewer since the engine doesn’t have to work harder under bad conditions.


Whether you need to schedule an oil change or more extensive auto repairs, rely on an expert mechanic from Puma’s Auto Care for precise, quality services. With a team of experienced professionals, it is the right place to take your vehicle for brake service, car inspections, and engine repair. Call (718) 272-6306 to schedule routine maintenance or visit them online to learn more.

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