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Auto Repair Shop Gives 5 Tips on Extending Brake Life July 6, 2018

Downtown Lincoln, Lincoln
Auto Repair Shop Gives 5 Tips on Extending Brake Life, Lincoln, Nebraska

A properly functioning braking system is an essential vehicle safety feature. Though they inevitably wear out with regular use, there are some measures drivers can take to extend their life. Dirk’s Auto Repair, a leading auto repair shop in Lincoln, NE, shares a few tips to help get the most from your brakes.

1. Schedule Routine Maintenance

auto repair shopPreventive maintenance ensures all components are in good condition. With regular brake inspections, mechanics will detect issues early and fix them before they get worse. Aside from checking pads and rotors for wear, a reputable auto repair shop will periodically flush and replace brake fluid to improve the system’s stopping capability.

2. Pay Attention to Odd Noises

When you apply the brakes, listen for high-pitched squealing or screeching. These noises indicate your pads have worn beyond their efficacy. If you ignore this sign, the sound will graduate to a grinding, which means the pad’s steel backing and rotors are rubbing against each other, causing massive damage to the entire system.

3. Go Easy on the Pedals

Smart driving habits can help extend the life of your brakes. Sudden stops while traveling at high speeds create friction and heat, wearing brake pads faster. Go easy on your brakes by staying within the speed limit and slowing gradually by lifting your foot off the gas. If you’re driving downhill, apply brakes in short bursts instead of riding them to decelerate.

4. Follow the Three-Second Rule

This rule pertains to maintaining a safe distance between you and the car ahead. Many drivers forget this tip, especially during stop-and-go traffic. However, when you leave enough space to slow down by coasting when traffic lights turn red, you’ll minimize the need to step on the brakes.

5. Reduce Your Load

Another way to prolong the life of your brake pads is to lighten your vehicle’s load as much as possible. Just as extra weight makes the engine work harder, it also makes stopping more difficult, especially when going downhill. As a bonus, a lighter load will lead to better fuel economy and longer tire life.

For brake repairs and servicing, turn to the experts at Dirk’s Auto Repair. The auto repair shop provides affordable, top-of-the-line services, just as hey have since opening their doors in 1995. For the past five years, they have received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau®. Call (402) 466-6010 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn more about their auto diagnostic services.

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