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Common Nail Diseases & How To Avoid Them July 23, 2018

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Common Nail Diseases & How To Avoid Them, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re going on a date or shaking hands at a business meeting, healthy nails contribute to a strong impression. However, without a proactive hygiene routine, including a regular manicure and pedicure, your nail beds are at risk of a variety of unsightly diseases. Below is a helpful guide to common conditions and how you can avoid them.

Common Nail Diseases 

Various nail diseases can affect your hands and feet. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Bacterial Infection: Often referred to as “greenies,” this occurs when bacteria grows between your nail plate and nail bed. The result is an unsightly green nail plate, the telltale sign of bacterial growth.
  • Ridges: Vertical ridges occur when the nail plate grows forward with a bumpy texture. This is generally caused by a lack of oil and moisture in the nail bed, which happens naturally with age. In more serious cases, vertical ridges appear due to malnutrition.
  • Fungus: Most common in feet, fungal infections grow between the nail plate and bed, causing plate separation from the skin, yellowing, and rough nail texture. If nail fungus isn’t treated, the plate can separate completely and crumble off.
  • Inflamed Skin: When bacteria, fungi, or a virus infects the nail fold, you may experience swollen, red, and painful skin around your nail. These infections make their way in through a cut or scratch where your nail plate and skin meet and are highly contagious.

How to Avoid These Issues

manicure and pedicureOne of the best ways to avoid these problems is by scheduling routine manicure and pedicure care. During a visit, a professional will clean and sanitize your hands, feet, and nails, before using sterilized tools to clear away dead skin and overgrown cuticles. Then they’ll clip and buff the nails for extra shine and smoothness. These techniques ensure nails stay healthy, helping you avoid the unpleasant issues mentioned above.

In between your manicure and pedicure appointments, you can also take other steps to keep nail plates and nail beds healthy. Clean under your nails during hand washing to clear away dirt and bacteria, and wear gloves when performing any manual labor. Drink plenty of water, eat a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and apply lotion to your hands and feet daily to maintain proper levels of natural oils and moisture in and around your nails.


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