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4 FAQ About Teen Drivers & Car Insurance July 6, 2018

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4 FAQ About Teen Drivers & Car Insurance , Tremonton, Utah

Learning to drive is easily one is the most exciting milestone for teenagers. For parents, the transition can be a bittersweet mix of joy and anxiety. Luckily, a sound car insurance policy offers peace of mind against the unexpected. Here’s what parents should know about coverage involving teen drivers.

Teen Car Insurance Coverage Questions

Is It Cheaper to Add a Teen to an Existing Policy?

It will likely be more expensive for parents to add teen drivers to their existing car insurance policy rather than securing new coverage for them. A professional insurance agent is your best source to compare the two options to see which one will be cheaper.

Will the Teen’s Car Choice Affect the Parent’s Coverage?

car insuranceThe type of vehicle the teenager drives may affect their parent’s premium payments. Insurance providers use historical data to track vehicle claim submissions and accidents. Certain cars and trucks have a higher potential to be involved in accidents, which could result in higher car insurance coverage. Before buying your teen a vehicle, check with your insurance agent on its claim and accident records.

How Can Parents Lower Their Coverage After Adding Teen Drivers?

Teenage drivers are eligible for several discounts. Some popular examples include discounts for earning good grades in high school and college. Many car insurance providers will also reward teens for having clean driving records and passing an approved driver’s safety course. Teen drivers who have vehicles with anti-theft and safety equipment installed may be eligible for additional discounts.

Do Parents Need to Add Drivers With Learner’s Permits?

In most states, teen drivers with learner’s permits do not need to be added to their parent’s existing policy. They are typically covered until they receive their regular driver’s license. Check with your car insurance agent about car insurance requirements in your state.


Brent Layton - Farmers Insurance Group in Tremonton, UT, is your trusted source for affordable and comprehensive coverage for your teen drivers. He will gladly answer any additional questions you have about car insurance requirements and coverage. To get started, call (435) 257-3829 for a free, no-obligation quote. You can also request a quote online and learn about other services to protect you and your loved ones.

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