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3 Tips to Protect Asphalt Driveways in Fluctuating Temperatures August 10, 2018

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3 Tips to Protect Asphalt Driveways in Fluctuating Temperatures, Anchorage, Alaska

The state of Alaska sometimes sees temperature fluctuations in the summer. While this can negatively impact your asphalt driveway, there are ways you can protect it. The road repair team at GMG General in Anchorage has assisted clients with paving services for almost 30 years. Below, they share their tips for keeping asphalt in good condition.

How to Care for Asphalt Driveways in Alaska’s Temperature Fluctuations

1. Seal Any Cracks

asphalt drivewaysEven the smallest cracks in driveways will expand in wavering temperatures. Having those cracks properly sealed will keep them from expanding, and they are much easier to fix when they’re small. The best preventive maintenance schedule to follow is to have driveways fully sealed every three to five years.

2. Forgo Heavy Work

Avoid doing any heavy work on your driveway on particularly warm days. The dark material of the driveway will absorb the heat and the surface itself will become much hotter than the air temperature. Asphalt becomes soft when it’s hot, which makes it easier to damage. Driving cars over it as usual should be fine, but do not put heavier loads on it when the sun is directly overhead.

3. Cool It Down

A little bit of water will cool down a hot asphalt surface and keep it from weakening. Direct water runoff over the driveway or turn sprinklers on during the warm part of the day. Installing a cover is another way to keep your driveway out of the direct sunlight and will protect any vehicles that you park on the surface as well.

When it’s time to have any type of work done on your driveway, you’ll be in capable hands with the team at GMG General. They have been experts on asphalt driveways for almost 30 years. Contact the paving company at (907) 349-7854 or online to request a free estimate for any of their services.

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