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Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Summer-Ready? July 5, 2018

Chillicothe, Ross
Is Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Summer-Ready? , Chillicothe, Ohio

With summer in full swing, it’s imperative to make sure your homeowners insurance policy is updated to cover the season’s most popular activities. The warmer months of the year are associated with increased risk of liability and loss in a few specific areas. Fortunately, the professionals at Hummel & Plum Insurance Agency are available to help Chillicothe, OH, property owners carefully review their current coverage inclusions to ensure they are set to enjoy summer with adequate protection. Below, they share some of the most common homeowners insurance claims filed this time of year.

Areas to Make Sure Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Covers This Summer

Grill, Barbecue & Fire Pit Incidents

Summer is the ideal time to host outdoor gatherings, and those often include cookouts or sitting around the fire pit. While this is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends, it can turn dangerous quickly if the flames spread. Though standard policies cover damage from fire, there may be stipulations depending on its cause, so you should check your policy to find out if you need to adjust your coverage. 

Swimming Pools 

homeowners insuranceAs refreshing and entertaining as they are during summer, swimming pools introduce property owners to a whole new level of risk, especially in the rare case of accidental drowning. Whether you already have a swimming pool or are installing one this summer, you will need coverage for any pool-related liabilities and property damage. 

Trampoline Injuries 

Jumping on the trampoline is a favored childhood activity for many. Though it encourages children to be active, having a trampoline enhances risks of liability, similar to swimming pools. Trampolines aren’t typically covered by a traditional homeowners insurance policy, so you must be sure to add it if you buy one this year. 


Many people take their vacations in summer, which is also when break-ins hit their peak. Unoccupied homes are frequently targeted for a burglary, making it important that you have enough coverage for your belongings if you plan to travel for any length of time this season. If you’ve recently made any valuable purchases, these will need to be added to your policy. 

Updating your homeowners insurance policy will protect you in the midst of your summer fun. If you need to add coverage, Hummel & Plum Insurance Agency will help you explore options and find the best rates possible. Since 1904, they have been providing residents throughout Ross County with high-caliber products from some of the industry’s most reputable providers. Call (740) 773-1620 to speak to an agent, or visit their website to request a quote.

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