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In-Home Care Professionals Share 3 Signs of Dementia July 5, 2018

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In-Home Care Professionals Share 3 Signs of Dementia, Greenville, Ohio

Dementia is a complex condition with a variety of different side effects that often go unnoticed. As your loved ones age, it’s important to pay attention to their mental health, as neurodegenerative conditions are much easier to manage with medical and in-home care. The staff at Brethren Retirement Community in Greenville, OH, advise that there are subtle warning signs of dementia. By recognizing them, you’ll be able to seek appropriate treatment and care before the condition worsens.

3 Early Symptoms of Dementia

1. Confusion & Mood Swings

Early-onset dementia can cause seniors to feel confused or frustrated, especially when dealing with memory loss. These feelings can be difficult to face or make sense of, which often leads to significant mood swings. Your loved one may suddenly become depressed or angry without a reason. The confusion can also lead to personality change; for example, if your loved one is naturally more reserved but is suddenly outgoing, it can be due to lack of judgment caused by dementia-related confusion. In many cases, it’s beneficial to have an in-home care professional to assist with day-to-day needs.

2. Difficulty Putting Together Sentences

in-home careHaving speech hiccups like stutters or forgetting a word mid-sentence is completely normal; however, when it’s reoccurring, it’s caused by the early stages of dementia. It can range from struggling to remember a word, complete a sentence, or express basic concepts. It can be heartbreaking to watch, which is why you should never discount the severity of lapses in speech.

3. Short-Term Memory Loss

Memory loss is the most recognized symptom of dementia, and it can be difficult to identify. Natural memory loss comes with age, but with people living with early-onset dementia, it’s more pronounced. They may have difficulty remembering where items are or handling daily tasks and appointments, and they may suddenly forget what they’re doing. Speak with a neurologist if you notice these symptoms, as they can properly diagnose it.

If you or a loved one is living with a neurodegenerative disease or need assistance, turn to the in-home care staff at Brethren Retirement Community. They’re proud to offer comprehensive senior care services, including Alzheimer’s care and specialized assisted living options to ensure seniors live healthy, fulfilling lives. Call (937) 547-8000 today to speak with their staff, and visit their website to learn more about how they can ease the aging process. Follow their Facebook page for frequent updates.

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