Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Hawaii

4 Beautiful Flowers for Your Hawaiian Landscape March 1, 2019

Kalaheo Ahupua`a, Eleele-Kalaheo
4 Beautiful Flowers for Your Hawaiian Landscape, Eleele-Kalaheo, Hawaii

The exotic gardens in Hawaii are known for their colorful and aromatic tropical flora. If you’re looking for interesting flowers to plant in your garden, there are several unique and stunning ones that are ideal for the Tropics. Visit the landscape nursery of Greg Boyer Landscape Corp in Kona to learn more about the local favorites their design team likes to recommend to enhance your landscape.

A Guide to Hawaiian Flowers for Your Landscape Design

1. Bird of Paradise

landscapeAs its name suggests, this exotic orange and blue flower resembles a bird in flight. Their stalks stand about three to four feet tall and flourish in warm climates closer to sea level. They do not have a scent but will add a pop of color and an air of excitement to your landscape.  Both the flower and the foliage are hearty so they are ideal for tropical cut flower arrangements.  

2. Hibiscus

The single yellow hibiscus became the official state flower of Hawaii in 1988 and is indigenous to the islands. They bloom fresh every day, so your garden will remain beautiful and cheerful all year. The common hibiscus are available in a variety of colors including red, orange, pink and yellow.  Hybrid hibiscus have been created over the years with interesting color combinations and exotic shapes and thickness to the blossom.  Hibiscus is an evergreen plant that can be kept short as an ever bearing shrub, trimmed tall and full as a privacy hedge, shaped as a small standard tree form or left to be a whimsical bush in a colorful ceramic pot.  Its shape and height are very versatile which makes it a fun plant to use in a garden design.

3. Gingers and Heliconias

When you see large tropical flower arrangements in hotel lobbies or at the Vegas buffets, chances are those waxy, almost fake looking flowers are heliconias.  Most of these exotics are too large for the average backyard.  It’s the plant foliage that requires the space and a lot of these plants like to sprawl out.  The gingers are a much easier solution for the typical homeowner.  They will provide excellent cut flowers for your arrangements and pretty much stay where you plant them.  The common red and pink gingers have been hybridized over the years to make smaller and larger flower varieties.  The shades of color have also increased to include richer pinks and a more raspberry shade of red.  All gingers are an excellent addition to a tropical garden.

4. Plumeria

Plumeria is perhaps one of the most pervasive flowers in all of Hawaii. No matter where you are on the islands, you’re bound to catch a glimpse of these simple blossoms in a wide range of white, pink, red and yellow color variations.  They are a small to medium sized tree, easy to shape and extremely fragrant.  Most times, if placed properly in the garden, you will smell them before you see them. Some flowers are heartier than others and are the ideal choice for plumeria leis.

The next time you need garden design solutions, allow Greg Boyer Landscape Corp to transform your outdoor space into a mini-paradise. Give this landscape architect a call today at (808) 239-8264 to speak about garden design ideas and the landscape plants for sale at their Kona nursery facility. Visit them online to learn more about their many landscape products and services.