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Can Naturalized Citizenship Be Revoked? July 19, 2018

Financial District, Manhattan
Can Naturalized Citizenship Be Revoked?, Manhattan, New York

In most cases, naturalized citizens are eligible for all the rights and privileges of those who were born in the United States, but that status isn’t necessarily permanent. Under certain conditions, the government may revoke a naturalized citizen’s status if they decide that the person attained it illegally. In fact, immigration law allows the government to revoke citizenship after it was granted if the applicant falsified information or failed to provide important information on their initial application.

When Citizenship Can Be Revoked

Misrepresentation of Facts

Under US immigration law, naturalized citizenship can be revoked for material misrepresentation of facts, whether they were affirmatively stated or purposefully omitted. This may include criminal convictions under another name, professional qualifications, and any other details that helped them qualify for naturalized citizenship. Misrepresentation in either written applications or oral testimony may provide the government with grounds to revoke your citizenship.

Membership in Certain Parties

immigration lawNaturalized citizens are required to support and defend the United States, which means avoiding association with certain political parties or other organizations. If the government can prove that you have become associated with terrorist groups, the Communist party, or other totalitarian organizations within five years of becoming a citizen, your citizenship status may be revoked.

A Dishonorable Discharge from the US Military

Honorably serving in the US military may provide grounds for naturalized citizenship. If you’re dishonorably discharged from the US military after becoming a citizen but before serving at least five years, your status may be permanently revoked.


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