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What Should I Know About Cola & Kidney Stones? July 12, 2018

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What Should I Know About Cola & Kidney Stones?, Foley, Alabama

Whether you have kidney stones or want to prevent them, there are several lifestyle choices you can make to achieve better health. In addition to eating more calcium-rich foods and consuming less sodium, you should also drink less cola. Syrupy soda contributes to these mineral deposits that can be quite painful to pass. Learn more about the hazards sugary drinks pose and what you can do to prevent urology treatment. 

What You Should Know About Drinking Cola & Developing Kidney Stones 


Medical research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows sugar-sweetened beverages like cola increase the risk of kidney stone formation. In a study of over 194,000 patients, those who regularly consumed beverages high in fructose had a 23% greater chance of seeing a urologist for the condition. Since fructose increases the body’s secretion of calcium, uric acid, and oxalate, mineral and salt deposits are more likely to form inside the kidneys. 


Foley Kidney StonesSigns of kidney stones include painful urination, severe pain in the back and side, and cloudy urine. Other symptoms include discomfort radiating to the abdomen and groin, nausea, and fever. Patients may also experience vomiting, a persistent need to urinate, and foul-smelling urine. If you notice these signs of illness, make an appointment with your urologist. 


You can prevent kidney stones by decreasing your consumption of soda. Many patients with a history of stones choose to avoid it altogether. Reduce all types of sugary drinks and consume plenty of water. If you eat a lot of animal protein like beef, pork, and chicken, balance it with vegetarian protein options like black beans, tempeh, and chickpeas. 

If you have a history of kidney stones, your urology professional may also recommend avoiding vitamin C supplements, changing your prescription regimen, and adding preventative medications. A physical exam and review of your medical history will help your doctor determine which strategies are right for you. 


Your chances of developing stones increase when you drink cola, but quitting your habit can reduce your risk. Talking with a specialist will provide you with a customized plan for enjoying better kidney health. Gulf Coast Urology in Foley, AL, helps patients with preventative care strategies. To make an appointment to discuss kidney stones, call them at (251) 943-8761. For information about their services, including overactive bladder care, urinary tract infection treatment, and prostate laser surgery, visit their website. Discover more health tips by following them on Facebook