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Propane Dos & Don'ts for a Power Outage July 5, 2018

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Propane Dos & Don'ts for a Power Outage, West Plains, Missouri

Power outages happen without warning. They're also particularly tricky for those who rely on propane for daily necessities. This is because electrical outages often cause malfunctions in propane-powered appliances. Having some safety tips on hand is beneficial, so refer to the following propane do’s & don’ts.


Install a carbon monoxide and gas detector.

Sometimes in a power outage, normal safety mechanisms for propane-powered appliances falter. In such cases, it’s important to have a backup in place. Installing a battery-powered carbon monoxide and gas detector helps you stay safe. Certify it's in the right place by referring to the manufacturer’s directions.

Inspect propane components for damage. 

Inspecting your tank and other components after a power outage occurs is important. There may be damage to gas lines and other propane equipment in the area. Stay safe by contacting a repair professional for a thorough inspection ASAP.

Follow an emergency plan for the household.

Being prepared for a power outage is important. Following an emergency preparedness plan will help keep your property safe. Make sure your safety checklist includes switching off your tank. It's also important to get to a safe area of the home and contact your natural gas company for help.


Heat the home with stovetop burners. 

propaneUsing your oven or stovetop burners for warmth during outages is tempting. But doing so is dangerous and ineffective. It also creates high levels of carbon monoxide. Leaving open flames for extended periods of time is also a fire hazard.

Ever use outdoor propane appliances indoors. 

It's tough to cook or perform other tasks during a power outage. But you should never risk using an outdoor propane appliance indoors. Hauling in a grill or heater might seem like a good solution, but it can cause harmful carbon monoxide poisoning.

Use propane-powered appliances with electrical components.

Power loss can cause leaks and standing water. This creates complications with propane-powered appliances that also have electrical components. Switching one on that's wet may result in electrocution or fires.


The above suggestions will keep you and your family safe during an emergency. For more tips on propane usage, contact Brotherton Propane in West Plains, MO. For more than 43 years, they’ve been outfitting businesses and residents in the Howell County area with affordable gas delivery and maintenance services. Call them today at (417) 256-5067 to learn more about them, or visit their website for a complete list of services.

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