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A Guide to Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance July 5, 2018

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
A Guide to Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance, Anchorage, Alaska

Ensuring that your fire sprinkler system is fully operational is an important step in protecting yourself and your household. Performing regular maintenance will ensure that everything works as it should. You can perform this maintenance yourself or hire professionals to assist you. Here are a few steps for keeping the sprinklers running.

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Perform Regular Inspections

Inspecting your sprinkler system is fast and simple. The main task is to visually check that the water shutoff valves are open. These valves are located in the basement or crawlspace. The shutoff valve for the fire sprinklers will likely be the second valve, found “downstream” from the fire sprinkler tee—the t-shaped piece of piping that connects the sprinklers to the rest of the building’s water stream.

fire sprinkler systemAlso, check whether your system possesses a water storage tank. If so, keep this full, so the system is prepared to handle any potential emergencies.

Don’t Block the Sprinklers

One key to a well-functioning system is ensuring that the sprinkler heads have the unobstructed access they need. When you have your ceiling painted, don’t paint over the sprinkler heads. Also, if the sprinklers are located in rooms with shelves, dressers, or other tall furniture items, make sure nothing is too close to the sprinkler.

Perform a Flow Test

Water flow tests help ensure that enough water can flow through your system to help in an emergency. Locate the valve designated for flow-tests in your system. Once you open this valve, water will flow out and confirm that the system is operational.


If you live in Alaska and are looking for expert technicians to assist with maintaining your fire sprinkler system, contact GMW Fire Protection. For more than 15 years, they’ve helped homeowners with services like emergency and exit lighting, fire alarm systems, and sprinkler system maintenance. Learn more by visiting them online or calling (907) 336-5000.

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