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When You Should Hire a General Contractor for Excavation Services July 20, 2018

When You Should Hire a General Contractor for Excavation Services, Kodiak, Alaska

Excavation services include the process of moving earth, rock, and debris with the use of specialized equipment. Experts can use this method to complete a variety of projects, including digging tunnels or restoring the environment for government agencies. But how can you know if you need to hire a general contractor for excavation services at home? Here are a few common projects that require such work.

3 Projects That Might Require Excavation Work

1. Foundation Repair & Construction

Over time, the foundation of your home can become weakened and damaged as a result of soil erosion, earthquakes, and heavy storms. As a result, you’ll need to have this structure repaired to ensure it still provides structural integrity. Additionally, if you plan to start building a new home or any additions, excavation services from a general contractor will be necessary to dig a large hole and ensure the foundation is properly constructed.

2. Landscaping

general contractorExcavation can play an important role in many landscaping projects, such as building trenches, lagoons, or other water features. If you plan to change the terrain, excavators can also move soil and earth to flatten or create small hills on your property. They can also create the space for a foundation of hardscape buildings, such as a gazebo.

3. Septic System & Pipe Maintenance

You might also need to hire excavation services if any maintenance work needs to be completed around the septic system or pipes in the ground. Hiring a professional means you can rest easy, knowing the work will be handled correctly the first time. They have the knowledge and skills necessary to access, as well as check, repair, and maintain, any piping. They might also need to dig to install new pipes or repair any leaks in the drain field.


If your home improvement project requires the help of excavation services, don’t hesitate to turn to the expert general contractors at MK Enterprises. Based in Kodiak, AK, these professionals are committed to finishing the project quickly and exceed your expectations. They can even help you obtain the right permits for any construction project. To learn more about their services, such as heavy equipment rental and snow removal, visit them online or call (907) 486-5537 today.
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