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Common Questions About Building With Trusses July 5, 2018

Clarksville, Johnson
Common Questions About Building With Trusses, Clarksville, Arkansas

Trusses are easily recognizable by their triangular shapes, and they strengthen and support a roof or suspended platform. They are frequently used for buildings with wooden frames and can be expertly fitted by a company like H & H Truss & Supply, located in Clarksville, AR. Below, this building material manufacturer shares a few questions their customers frequently ask before beginning their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trusses

Which Projects Require Trusses?

Trusses can be used for almost any construction, from bridges to warehouses to homes. Any structure that needs to support a roof or suspend a platform will need the added strength they provide.

TrussesWhat Are the Most Popular Types?

Some of the most common types are the king post, queen post, scissor, and parallel chord structures. Each type will look different and support weight in a unique way, so your choice will depend on your desired result. Sometimes, simpler designs and variations of these can be used to redistribute weight or minimize building materials.

How Do I Choose One for My Building?

The design of your building will determine how it needs to be supported. The architect will work with the roof designer who will use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to determine the best kind of truss for your new build.

How Are They Made?

After the design is finalized, pre-cut timber is specially treated to increase durability and lifespan. When installed, galvanized metal connectors attach the beams at the predetermined angles to form the structure. Once built, they will be delivered to the construction site, where they will be installed by a contractor.

For more than 30 years, H & H Truss & Supply has worked with builders to develop the optimal building trusses for each unique project. They use only high-quality timber for their structures, and they will deliver the finished supports to your construction site before the deadline. For more information, call them today at (479) 754-4999 or visit their website to learn more.

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