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3 Reasons to Let a Professional Open Your Pool July 5, 2018

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3 Reasons to Let a Professional Open Your Pool, Norwalk, Connecticut

Although lounging around a swimming pool during the summer can be wonderful, getting it open takes time and effort. Hiring a professional technician to open it ensures all proper installation and cleaning steps are followed. Rather than complete the process yourself, sit back and enjoy your pool once a professional has efficiently done so and checked for any damage.

Why Hire a Swimming Pool Technician to Open Your Pool?

1. Ensure All Parts Are Returned

Many parts are removed from the pool during winter and replaced with winterizing plugs to keep water from entering the pipes, expanding, and damaging essential components. Special tools are often required to reinstall the fittings, filters, and skimmer plugs. Swimming pool experts come equipped with this equipment and will fully inspect these items for damage before adding them back to your pool.

2. Reach the Ideal Water Level & Inspect Filters

swimming poolYour pool was likely drained at least halfway when it was closed for winter. Before it can be opened, the water levels need to return to normal to prevent a breakdown. Swimming pool technicians will determine whether water should be drained or added to create the right consistency. They will also fully inspect and clean all the filters and the filtration system to ensure it can properly pull water before turning the system back on.

3. Achieve the Right pH Balance

Achieving the right balance of chlorine and sanitizer, as well as a safe pH balance, is a complex process. Professional cleaners have the experience and knowledge necessary to add the correct amounts of chemicals to reach the proper equilibrium. This process must be complete before your pool is safe to swim in.


If you are ready to get your swimming pool up and running this summer, contact the certified technicians at Lang Pools for help. These experts provide opening and closing services for inground pools in Norwalk and Fairfield County, CT, and Westchester County, NY. To learn more about their guaranteed work, call them today at (203) 846-3943. You can also view some of their custom pool installations by visiting their website.

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