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Steel Fabrication Professionals Share 3 Surprising Facts About Welding July 13, 2018

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Steel Fabrication Professionals Share 3 Surprising Facts About Welding, Evergreen, Montana

Welding is an essential part of almost every industry. It’s used to mend breaks, create new metal structures, and join integral pieces together. The steel fabrication professionals at Currier’s Certified Welding in Kalispell, MT, advise that this skill is not only a crucial part of the workplace, but also has many interesting facts behind it. To bring further attention to welding, they want to share some of their favorites, as well as how their services can benefit you.

3 Surprising Facts About Welding

1. It’s More Than 2,000 Years Old

Evidence of the first welding dates back to the Bronze Age—roughly 2,000 BC. Gold boxes were discovered showing signs of joint welding and were made by hammering two pieces of metal together under heat. The Egyptian and Mediterranean cultures continued to develop the skill, showing more intricate welding examples dating back to 1,000 BC.

2. It’s Everywhere

steel-fabrication-curriers-certified-weldingYou’ll find evidence of welding everywhere. More than 50% of man-made products require some form of welding, ranging from building cars and bridges to welding electronic parts that power computers and medical equipment.

3. The First Robot Was Designed to Weld

Welding led the way in developing more efficient means for building cars. In 1961, General Motors® used the first robot—Unimate—to do spot welds on their production line. The mechanical arm helped them grow their production rate to 110 cars per hour, making them a leading manufacturer in the increasingly competitive industry.

Welding will continue to play a vital role in the world, and if you’re looking for qualified experts, turn to the team at Currier’s Certified Welding. They’ve proudly offered their services to the Flathead Valley area since 1972 and provide steel fabrication work for everything from ornamental design to structural framing. Whether it’s metal railing or custom trusses, their staff will work with you to develop the ideal product for your needs. Call (406) 752-2366 today to speak with their team and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their steel fabrication services.

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