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3 Money-Saving Grocery Tips July 3, 2018

Ridgewood, Queens
3 Money-Saving Grocery Tips, Queens, New York

When it comes to purchasing groceries — like meats and fresh produce — it’s essential to shop smart. Without planning what you need, you can end up buying too much food, which will likely spoil and go to waste. This quick guide provides helpful advice to ensure you never waste money on groceries.

3 Tips to Save Money at Your Local Market

1. Plan Your Meals

While it can be time-consuming, planning your meals for the week before you step foot in the grocery store is the best way to ensure you purchase only what you need. Without a concise grocery list, you can get distracted, resulting in overbuying or forgetting essential items. Avoid overspending or making multiple trips to the store by listing all the necessary ingredients for your week’s meals.

2. Prepare Your Meals

fresh produceOnce you have your groceries, prepping all of your meals at one time will ensure you’re not scrambling to make a dish during the week. Especially for working families with children and busy social lives, it’s easy to run out of time. Instead of spending money on takeout, your healthy meals — made with fresh produce and other quality ingredients — will already be prepared and waiting for you in the fridge.

3. Look at Your Calendar

Before you make your weekly marketplace purchases, check your schedule. Take into account any dinners, parties, networking events, or other activities where food will be provided to you. In this case, you’ll need to prepare less food for the week and can reduce the amount of fresh produce and other groceries you purchase. 


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