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4 FAQ About the Auto Glass Installation Process July 5, 2018

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4 FAQ About the Auto Glass Installation Process, West Plains, Missouri

When your windshield develops a large crack or your back-side glass is smashed with a rock, auto glass installation becomes necessary for safely driving your vehicle. However, if you are like many outside the auto industry, you don’t know much about this process. To make it a little clearer, below are some common questions and answers about the procedure.

Common Auto Glass Installation Questions

1. How Long Does an Auto Glass Installation Take?

In most instances, installing a new windshield or another window in a vehicle will take about an hour. It will then take another hour for the urethane to cure before the car can be safely driven away.

2. What Are the Different Types of Auto Glass?

Auto glass is comprised of either tempered or laminated safety glass. This ensures that when it breaks it does not shatter into sharp and dangerous pieces. Laminated consists of two glass panels with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) in between. It is typically used for windshields since it can be struck with heavy objects without shattering, which will protect passengers from being hit with shards of glass or being flung through the window. Tempered glass, single-ply layers, is usually used for the other windows in a vehicle as they are less likely to experience a human impact in the event of an accident.

2. How Does Tinting Work?

auto glass installationAn auto glass installation is the best time to have the windows in your vehicle tinted. This will reduce heat inside the vehicle and limit glare and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. However, depending on your state, you might be required to limit how dark or reflective the film is. For instance, in Missouri front side windows cannot go below 35% darkness or more than 35% reflectiveness. The lower and higher these numbers are, the more sunlight will be blocked from the vehicle—but, it will also hinder night vision.

3. What Is OEM Glass?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass is windshield and other window glass made by the same manufacturer as your vehicle’s original glass. Selecting OEM glass ensures it meets your vehicle’s exact size, clarity, shape, and installation specifications.


If one or more of the windows on your vehicle has developed damage, bring your car to MO-Ark Glass in West Plains, MO, for high-quality auto glass installation. They also provide auto glass repairs when the problem is less extensive. Visit their website or call them today at (417) 257-2040 to find out how they can help you. 

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