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What Types of Roof Restorations Are Offered at Ridge View Roofing Solutions? July 3, 2018

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What Types of Roof Restorations Are Offered at Ridge View Roofing Solutions?, Eldred, Pennsylvania

Most commercial roofs will last an average of 20 years. However, during that time span, harsh weather conditions and daily sunlight could cause some premature wear and tear. To avoid having to replace the structure before the end of its life span, Ridge View Roofing Solutions in Pitman, PA, recommends repairing this damage with a roof restoration. This process will save your business some money and allow your covering to keep kicking for another 10 to 15 years. Below are the two restoration options they offer to companies in the surrounding area.  

Roof Restoration Type I

To begin, the roofing contractors will wash and clean the structure thoroughly. They will then apply a tack coat β€” a sticky film used for its adhesive qualities β€” and inspect any seams in the structure. To prevent any existing seams from falling apart, the roofers will treat them with fabric and coating.

roof restoration pitman paFinally, they will apply a white, top coat with 85% reflectivity to the entire covering. This will help to extend the life of the roof by reducing heat transfer into the building and diminishing leaks. This restoration option comes with a 10-year, no leak warranty.

Roof Restoration Type II

The second restoration option offered by Ridge View Roofing Solutions is similar to the first type except the fabric coating will be applied to the entire structure. This will decrease the likelihood of delamination, which is common in single ply, flat roofs located in humid areas. Businesses that select this type will also receive an 18-year, no leak warranty.

Whether your roof has recently experienced damage or you just want to protect it from future weather conditions, the team at Ridge View Roofing Solutions can help. They offer roof restorations for all types of commercial properties β€” including warehouses, manufacturing industries, and gyms. Call them today at (570) 490-0513 to discuss how their roof coating materials can improve the appearance of your structure.

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