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Does Your Family Have a Strong Fire Safety Plan in Place? July 5, 2018

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Does Your Family Have a Strong Fire Safety Plan in Place?, Florissant, Missouri

No one wants to be the victim of a house fire. But having the proper safety plan in place will keep you and your family protected and reduce the amount of damage that occurs. The emergency restoration professionals at Dalmation Cleaning and Restoration in Saint Louis, MO, stress the importance of maintaining one. Below, they offer some advice for making your own fire safety plan.

How to Create the Best Residential Fire Safety Plan

The Importance of Planning

Fire safety programs are crucial because they help homeowners prepare for emergencies. Making sure every family member knows what to do in a fire protects them, as well as detailing proper escape routes. The faster you evacuate the premises and contact fire crews, the less damage there will be. Emergency restoration professionals recommend updating the plan every time you renovate the household, as new additions and updates can greatly alter what everyone needs to do in these situations. Each family member should also know two ways to get out of every room in the home.

Practice Makes Perfect 

emergency restorationCreating a fire safety plan won’t mean much if you never practice it. After developing a thorough plan, put it into action by executing it a few times a year. Do this at different times of the day to prepare for every scenario. Include details like picking a designated spot to meet outside, and make certain you and your family can make it there in under two minutes. You can also practice for every contingency by waking up to smoke alarms on occasion. Those with two-story homes should consider investing in a fire ladder. You can also find information online related to creating the ultimate checklist for a house fire escape plan.

Timely Emergency Restorations 

If you’re forced to put your plan into action, first make sure everyone in the family is safe. Then, contact an emergency restoration professional immediately. Doing so as soon as possible can help you salvage more belongings and reduce the amount of smoke damage. Quick and efficient fire damage cleanup services also get you back into your household sooner. Even if you have a small fire, you should wait for restoration crews before re-entering. This prevents your family from coming into contact with any hazardous materials.

Remember the above advice while making your own fire safety plan. Doing so ensures everyone remains safe if a fire breaks out. If you ever need emergency restoration services, contact Dalmation Cleaning and Restoration. They also provide water extraction and mold removal solutions. Call them today at (314) 423-0101, or visit their website to learn more about their restoration services.

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