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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Repair July 3, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Repair, Crystal, Minnesota

A properly-functioning sewer line is essential to your home’s comfort and health, but many homeowners are unaware of what kind of maintenance or repair it requires. Fortunately, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, located in Minneapolis, MN, has been in the sewer repair business for many years and they have answers to all the common questions. Below, there share just a few of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

FAQ About Sewer Repair

Is the City Responsible for My Sewer Line?

Unfortunately, no. Homeowners are responsible for all the plumbing inside their homes and all the way out to the sewer main. As designated by the property title, homeowners may also be responsible for problems occurring in plumbing in public right of way and utility easements.

What’s the Difference Between a Main Sewer and a Secondary Line?

Secondary lines lead from outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms of your home to the main sewer line. The main sewer line joins the secondary sewer lines, connecting your home to the public sewer line. 

Why Would I Need Sewer Repair?

There are many different reasons you might need sewer repair, but most problems can be categorized under blockages or leaks. Leaks can create unsanitary conditions in the environment and might be caused by blockages from old and rusting pipes, erosion, or tree roots.

Will Sewer Repair Destroy My Yard?

Sewer RepairMany homeowners assume that sewage repair necessitates major excavations. But with modern technology and new plumbing techniques, a lot of sewage line repair can be without destroying your yard. Depending on your home’s unique problem, your plumber may need to dig up the pipes, or they might be able to fix the problem from the inside.

Do I Need Regular Sewer Maintenance?

Even if your sewage seems to be draining away without a problem, get regular sewer maintenance as a preventative method. This comes with an inspection, and they can clear out any blockages that might be starting to form, stopping bigger problems from occurring and keeping your household running smoothly.

For over four decades, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has been providing quality plumbing services, from sewer repair to water heater installation. They’re even available around the clock for plumbing emergencies. For more information about their services, call them today at (952) 931-9676 and visit their website to learn more about why they are plumbers you can trust.

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