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What Is Summer Lawn Fungus & How Do I Get Rid of It? June 15, 2020

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What Is Summer Lawn Fungus & How Do I Get Rid of It?, Cromwell, Connecticut

Your lawn is the first noticeable trait about your property. As a result, you want it in tip-top shape whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of the hottest summer. Unfortunately, while the intense sunshine might seem beneficial to your lawn, the summer season could wreak havoc on your grass by causing lawn fungus. Below is everything a homeowner should know about this fungus, as well as what lawn care tips prove effective in defeating it. 

What Is Summer Lawn Fungus?

Lawn fungus, also known as Magnaporthe poae, damages the roots of grass, which is created from excessive moisture caused by humid weather. It’s most commonly found in humid regions, like Florida and the Midwest. In addition to lawns, golf courses are another common place for the fungus to grow. It’s particularly prevalent during the summertime when heavy rainstorms lead to extra moisture and humidity. 

Signs My Yard Has Summer Lawn Fungus

lawn careThe first sign of the fungus is the formation of dark green spots with wilted grass. These areas are usually small, between one and two inches across. After this initial stage, pay attention to whether your grass turns an odd color, such as a light brown, and appears to be dying. You may react to this problem by watering your lawn more often, but this can cause the fungus to spread since you’re introducing more moisture. These dry patches are typically between two and 12 inches across.

How to Get Rid of Summer Lawn Fungus

Experts recommend getting a fungicide treatment year-round to combat the fungus and take a preventative approach. Due to the toxicity of the fungicide, it’s important to call a lawn care professional for the application. There are also multiple types, and an expert knows which one will achieve maximum results. 


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