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3 Bathroom Storage Ideas July 3, 2018

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3 Bathroom Storage Ideas, Dayton, Ohio

Bathrooms are often designed to focus on function over form. Accordingly, having enough storage space is key, but many bathrooms are sorely lacking in that regard. Fortunately for residents of Dayton, OH, the home remodeling experts at Buckeye Home Services can offer solutions to this and many other home issues. Consider the following ideas to help you expand the storage space in your bathroom, which can increase convenience as well as aesthetic appeal.

Home Remodeling Experts Offer 3 Great Bathroom Storage Ideas

1. Above-the-Door Shelving

In particularly small bathrooms, you need to utilize any spare space you have. The area above the door can be ideal, especially for storing things like toilet tissue. Make sure the shelving fits comfortably in the area, otherwise you might have an issue opening and closing the door.

2. Vanity Shelving

home remodelingIf you’re lucky enough to have a vanity, look at the space flanking either side of the mirror. This is often ideal for extra shelving, as it can be attractive as well as easily accessible. You can also consult with your home remodeling specialist on whether to add in recessed niche shelving. This can offer a great look to bathrooms, especially those with a classic design.

3. Install a Narrow Cabinet

When cabinet space is lacking in your bathroom, a narrow cabinet can be a great way to expand upon your existing storage without cluttering up too much of the room. The best area for a narrow cabinet is next to the toilet, as it can be conveniently tucked away. It will also offer an extra surface to place toiletries and other items on.

With more than seven decades of experience, Buckeye Home Services has the tools and knowledge to help you create the home of your dreams. Whether you need roof repair or are looking for a basement remodel, this team can help. Visit them online to see their complete listing of home remodeling services suited to the bathroom area. You can also call (937) 586-6600 to schedule a consultation in Dayton to discuss your specific needs.

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