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5 Reasons to Go Ballroom Dancing on Date Night July 2, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
5 Reasons to Go Ballroom Dancing on Date Night, Hamden, Connecticut

Date night is an opportunity for you and someone special to relax and spend some quality time doing an enjoyable activity. If you find yourself wanting to break free from the usual dinner-and-movie routine, you might find the answer in something entirely unexpected: dancing. The instructors at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, in Hamden, CT, offer fun and engaging ballroom dance lessons that will give date night an entirely new meaning. Here are five reasons to take the plunge on your next night out.

5 Reasons Ballroom Dance Lessons Are the Perfect Date Night Activity

Hamden, CT ballroom dance lessons1. Boost Your Confidence

Dancing of any kind is sure to drive up your heart rate and give you a boost of adrenaline. Along with that rush comes an increase in your confidence, too. When you find yourself on the floor mastering foot positions and learning the fine art of rhythm and timing, you’ll feel accomplished and proud with your date by your side.

2. Create Unforgettable Memories

Date nights are opportunities to share laughter and special moments with one another. When you learn how to dance with your date, you’re creating unexpected memories. Everything from fumbling those initial first steps to swaying joyfully across the floor will make you smile when you look back on your ballroom dance lessons.

3. Enhance the Romance

Ballroom dancing puts you in the arms of your date, meaning there will be plenty of close contact throughout the night. As you learn the importance of rhythm and timing in each other’s arms, you’ll discover a natural intimacy that extends beyond those special, private moments.

4. Bond as a Team

A ballroom dance lesson provides you with an opportunity to bond with your date differently. That’s because dancing together requires teamwork — you’ll need to respect their space and trust in their ability to lead, and vice versa. This mutual understanding fosters a healthy bond that extends to other areas of your relationship.

5. Reduce Your Nerves

If this happens to be the first date, chances are there’s some tension in the air. Attending a dance lesson offers an easy way to break the ice. You’ll get to know your partner in a lighthearted environment that puts the focus on something else, and takes the pressure away from making interesting conversation for hours. By the time it’s over, you’ll have plenty to talk about.

If you’re ready to take your date night in a new direction, consider a ballroom dance lesson at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some experience with basic dances, you can sign up for a lesson for two and enjoy the benefits of learning the ballroom ropes privately. Visit their website to learn more about your options, or give them a call at (203) 288-2482 to speak with a team member today.