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5 Unique Methods of Stress Relief Worth Trying July 11, 2018

Waikiki, Honolulu
5 Unique Methods of Stress Relief Worth Trying, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many people who experience stress feel they aren't doing enough to manage it. While there's no single solution that will work to decrease stress for everyone, massage therapy and other methods of relief are worth pursuing. If you’re attempting to rid yourself of the burden of stress, here are some of the top solutions you may not have tried yet. 

5 Alternative Ways to Relieve Stress

1. Meditation

Those who haven't tried it before may be skeptical of meditation, but many forms are available for all levels of experience. You can start by closing your eyes and clearing your mind, or you can seek out a class for professional instruction. Plenty of helpful apps are also out there for guidance.

massage2. Outdoor Exercise

While most types of exercise will alleviate stress to some degree, there's nothing quite like a jaunt through the fresh air. Whether you're running, walking, or doing another form of light or heavy cardio, taking your routine outside will do wonders for stress. 

3. Comfort Entertainment

Is there a TV show that helps you relax? What about an album that never fails to lift your spirits? Think about the types of entertainment you love and seek out the specific movies, shows, or music with the power to take your mind off some of the stress triggers in your life.

4. Creative Outlets

Whether your idea of creativity involves a paintbrush or some focus time behind a keyboard, opening up another part of your mind can be a huge relief. Tap into your creative side and see how quickly your ideas take the reins from everyday worries.

5. Relaxing Massage

Massages aren't just about relaxing muscles and working out the kinks throughout the body. They have also been shown to increase endorphin production and help relieve stress. According to Mayo Clinic, the benefits of a variety of massage techniques include reducing muscle tension, pain, and stress.


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