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The Top 4 Reasons Transmissions Overheat  July 6, 2018

Belmont Terrace, Fort Worth
The Top 4 Reasons Transmissions Overheat , Fort Worth, Texas

An overheated transmission can be a nightmare on the road. Feeling your car rumble to a stop, especially on major parkways and highways, is an unnerving experience for any driver. Here, the team at J & S Transmission and Performance, the transmission repair pros in Fort Worth, TX, shares a few of the most common problems that can cause a transmission to overheat. 

Top 4 Causes of Overheated Transmissions

1. Low Transmission Fluid

transmission repairLetting your transmission fluid run too low can be a very dangerous practice. Without an adequate amount of fluid, your transmission will rapidly start to overheat, resulting in problems with shifting gears and delivering power to the engine. If this happens, find a shop for transmission repair as soon as possible.

2. Heavy Towing

If your vehicle is hauling an unusually heavy load for an extended period of time, it puts additional strain on your transmission. When maxing out your car's towing capacity like this, make sure to check fluids more often than usual and give your car's engine ample breaks. 

3. Outside Temperature

Summer heat waves can put extra pressure on your car's transmission. If you're driving for a long period of time in very high temperatures, the transmission is at a significantly increased risk for overheating. If it does shut down, find a safe shoulder and let your vehicle cool down for 15 to 30 minutes. 

4. Stop-and-Go Traffic

This is a less frequent culprit than the first three, but an extended period of heavy stop-and-go traffic also strains your transmission, and could occasionally cause it to overheat. It's not common, but something to keep an eye out for if you find yourself stuck in an hour-plus traffic jam. 

When it comes to faulty transmission repair, no Fort Worth shop is more respected than J & S Transmission and Performance. The experienced technicians at J & S Transmission and Performance specialize in everything from transmission rebuilds and replacements to a wide variety of automatic transmission work, and can effectively repair everything from sedans to long-haul trucks. Visit the transmission pros' website to learn more about their transmission repair work, or call directly at (817) 501-0455. 

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