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Exploring Technology This Summer With Your Child August 2, 2018

Cambrian Park, Santa Clara County
Exploring Technology This Summer With Your Child, Cambrian Park, California

As an international hotbed of technology and innovation, San Francisco Bay Area offers a staggering variety of museums and science centers for your kids to explore. Combined with in-home tutoring, spending your summer visiting research labs and participating in hands-on demonstrations can keep the love of science alive and prepare your children for the school year ahead. Below are a few of the Bay Area’s best science and technology museums to visit. 

3 Destinations for Silicon Valley Technology Adventures

Chabot Space & Science Center

The Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland features activities that will fascinate children and adults alike. Explore the mysteries of deep space, enjoy a view of Earth from orbit, or visit any of the museum’s many observatories for incredible experiences you won’t find anywhere else. The center also hosts summer hikes for families who want to bring their science explorations a little closer to Earth.

The Cable Car Museum

San Francisco's Cable Car Museum offers a look into the past at some of the technology that made the modern world possible. Science fans can enjoy working models showing how these early mechanisms worked and learn more about the engineering feats many people take for granted every day.

The Exploratorium

Also in San Francisco, the Exploratorium offers a wealth of science exploration, with hands-on experiments and demonstrations that will fire up the imagination of your children. This renowned center can be a fantastic opportunity to apply the concepts your kids learn with in-home tutoring to the real world.


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