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No More Pain Meds for Barb! See what she has to say about OsteoStrong! June 24, 2018

O'Fallon, O'Fallon
No More Pain Meds for Barb!  See what she has to say about OsteoStrong!, O'Fallon, Missouri

We love stories of success and achievement. Check out this member testimonial!

“I always hesitate to talk about new therapies or health explorations until I have proved them for myself, but here goes.

I started a new therapy about 6 weeks ago. It is called OsteoStrong. It is supposed to strengthen your bones. It takes just a few minutes, once a week. 
I use it in conjunction with my personal trainer.

Most of you know the pain I have been in for the last 9 years, since my DVT damaged my leg.

I am happy (and hesitant to say) that I have not required (or wanted) any pain meds for almost 4 weeks.

I am getting stronger and feeling better. Will keep you updated on my progress.”


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