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6 FAQs for Business Internet Service Providers July 5, 2018

South Riding, Loudoun
6 FAQs for Business Internet Service Providers, South Riding, Virginia

The business internet service provider you choose can impact your clientele and employees. But how do you determine the best from all the rest? Luckily, there are a few factors that make an exceptional web company stand out. Here are some frequently asked questions to help identify your ideal service provider.

6 Questions to Ask Potential Business Internet Service Providers 

1. Do You Offer 24/7 Support? 

You don’t get to choose when you’re suffering a network issue, so hire a company that offers 24/7 service. Around the clock support reduces service interruptions and downtime. That way your customers never experience a lag in services.

2. Is Rewiring Needed? 

Depending on the type of internet service, you may need rewiring work done in your office. Varying levels of service call for different wiring and components. Fiber optics need on-site installation, and DSL or high-speed internet relies on the proper wiring as well. Always ask beforehand to avoid any confusion.

3. What’s the Length of Installation Time? 

Smaller business installation may be as simple as switching out the current router. Larger companies may need much more complex components. Find out what the process entails before hiring a business internet service provider. That way you can make sure it doesn’t impact your daily operations. 

4. What Speeds Are Available?

business internet service providersDifferent businesses need different speeds. Data solution specialists require fast speeds and lots of megabytes per second. Those who only use their services for the occasional video chat, not so much. Ask potential web providers if they have the speeds to accommodate your needs.

5. How Long Is the Contract? 

You’ll need to sign a contract with any business internet service provider. Contractual lengths and details differ from one company to the next. Always ask to have everything explained to you in writing beforehand.

6. Can I Use My Modem? 

Some internet companies provide you with a modem for a small rental fee. Others offer it free of charge, and still others prefer businesses to have their own modems. Always ask in advance about equipment charges and rental fees.


The right business internet service provider will make certain your staff and clientele have outstanding connections. To learn more about what makes an exceptional web provider, contact Red Jacket Systems in Chantilly, VA. They specialize in a host of affordable managed services and website design options. Call them today at (703) 623-9982, or visit them online to learn more about their online marketing solutions. 

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