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3 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice for Music Lessons July 6, 2018

New York, Richmond
3 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Practice for Music Lessons, New York, New York

When the novelty of a new activity wears off, kids can lose their motivation to keep trying. They may still love playing piano or being part of a rock band but they might be discouraged that they’re not progressing and therefore not want to practice. How can you help if your child feels this way about music lessons? Below, DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, shares three tips they’ve learned in 15 years of teaching instrument lessons to area kids.

How to Prevent Discouragement & Motivate Your Child to Practice Music Lessons 

1. Give Your Child Options

If you tell your kid to practice piano at 3 p.m., they may fight against the idea. Consider their preferences. For example, they might prefer practicing after dinner. Give your child several options when to play so they can choose and feel in control of their music lessons.

2. Chart Musical Goals

music lessons Staten Island NYMany children benefit from seeing a visual representation of their progress. To show your little one how they’re improving, create a music lesson goal chart together. This should include time objectives like, “practicing scales for 20 minutes” as well as technique aspirations such as, ”Learn the G chord and play it in a song.” Have your child place a star or a sticker by each objective when they complete the task.

3. Host Informal Performances

When your child takes music lessons, they may look forward to playing for a crowd. Create regular listening sessions where loved ones gather to listen to your son or daughter play so they can share what they’ve learned. The praise they receive from family and friends will motivate them to practice and stay on track.

For more tips on getting your kid excited about learning to sing or play an instrument, call DEA Music and Art at (718) 370-7733. Visit the website for information on their many fun music lessons, from learning the piano, guitar, drums, and violin to trying visual arts and attending summer camp. Their challenging curriculum complies with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, helping kids start long-term musical learning paths from preschool to college.