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Tips for Building Your First Custom Computer July 5, 2018

Kalispell, Flathead
Tips for Building Your First Custom Computer, Kalispell, Montana

If you have reached the point where stock, store-bought PCs don’t seem to meet your needs, you may be ready to build your own. Here, the custom computer experts at RadioActive in Kalispell, MT, offer tips for putting together a personalized PC that provides the features you want. They emphasize that the basics of computer building are virtually the same across all models.

What Goes Into Building Custom Computers? Your Kalispell Experts Explain

Testing Everything

custom computersTest all of your computer parts before you install them to prevent wasted time. Install your CPU, RAM, and CPU cooler in your motherboard before plugging in your power supply cables and hooking it up to a monitor. If you have a video card, install that in your motherboard as well. Push the motherboard power button to see if everything works correctly. Assuming everything is on point, you will simply install the motherboard and its components in your case and use a screwdriver to put everything in place.

The Power Supply

Before you install the motherboard, open the main panel of your PC case to add the power supply. The custom computer team at RadioActive strongly recommend putting the power supply in first, because installing it around other components is challenging. Place the power supply in the panel bay so the fan points downward. Most panel cases feature vents that allow the computer to cool off easily. Match the power supply with the screw holes in the case for easy installation.

Other Essential Computer Parts

Install your processor, PCI cards, and hard drive. How you will install your hard drive, for example, depends on what type of computer case you have. If yours features a hard drive tray, all you have to do is pull the tray out, screw in the drive, and slide the tray back in. The other option is sliding the hard drive into the bay and screwing it into place.

If you need additional help putting your custom computer together, ask the friendly team at RadioActive. They provide invaluable IT support as well as a comprehensive range of computer parts. Computer repair services are also available. Call (406) 257-5999 with any questions and like the Facebook page for more great tips.

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