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Adding to Your Home? You May Need a New AC Installation July 2, 2018

Fort Worth, Tarrant
Adding to Your Home? You May Need a New AC Installation , Fort Worth, Texas

Building a new addition is a great way to gain more space while staying in a home you love. However, with more square footage, you may find your air conditioner is less efficient. That is why Total Environmental Cooling & Heating, a top HVAC contractor in Fort Worth, TX, recommends a brand new AC installation. This is necessary for several reasons.

Even Air Flow

Your current air conditioning system may work perfectly for your current home.A/C installation However, the interior temperature is going to feel different once the extra square footage is added on. Either you'll feel too warm, or you'll pay more each month and work your system too hard. To keep every part of the house cool, you have to ensure a system is powerful enough to guarantee even airflow throughout. As such, a new AC installation may be required.

Enhanced Duct Work

Just as your air conditioner must be upgraded, so should your ducts. A contractor can install them in your walls or ceiling to ensure your new room gets an adequate amount of air. Otherwise, you must rely on the air to travel through open doorways. Not only is this inefficient, but the air has already warmed some as it is coming from an adjacent room. Installing additional ductwork alongside a new AC installation is the best way to guarantee comfort in every room of your home.

When building a brand new home addition, consider a new AC installation as well. Those in Fort Worth, TX, turn to Total Environmental Cooling & Heating for their needs. Since 2010, they've provided exceptional services to residents and business owners alike. From furnace replacement to AC repair and emergency HVAC services, their highly-trained team is EPA-certified to guarantee a quality job. For more information, visit their website or call (817) 694-0919 today.

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