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5 Tips for Telling a Compelling Campfire Story May 28, 2019

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5 Tips for Telling a Compelling Campfire Story, Piermont, New Hampshire

There’s nothing quite like gathering around a roaring fire at summer camp and getting lost in an enthralling story. As much fun as it can be to listen, however, it’s even more thrilling being the one to tell the tale! But truly great campfire stories aren’t created by chance. Here’s how to make your next tale one all your friends will always remember.

How to Tell a Story Around a Summer Camp Fire

1. Get Inspired

Even if you love the idea of creating a story from scratch, there’s nothing wrong with searching for a bit of inspiration. Read some classic campfire tales to help piece together a memorable narrative. Internalizing these stories will help you get ideas for characters, setting, structure, and theatricality. 

2. Make It Personal

summer campWhether you’re creating a new tale whole-cloth or borrowing elements from established sources, injecting a bit of yourself into the campfire story will make for a more compelling experience. Things like setting the story in your hometown — or even the very woods you’re gathered in — are personal touches that help the story feel more real. 

3. Make It Timely

A spooky story about a ghost sighting that happened decades ago and never resurfaced isn’t all that scary, but a ghost sighting that happened last month is. Tell your tale in a way that doesn’t distance itself too much from the present.

4. Keep It Realistic 

Telling a story to a summer camp audience is so fun you might be tempted to let your imagination go wild by including as many strange details as possible. While a few spooky parts are engaging, too many can make the tale silly and break any illusion of realism. If the story you’re weaving could happen to anyone around the fire, it’s one worth telling.

5. Know When to Stop

Slowly building up a great campfire story piece by piece and then ending it on a high note of action or fright is the ideal blueprint. While different forms of storytelling may include a falling action after the climax, that’s not the aim of a campfire tale. Dragging the narrative out too long after the super-fun high point can erase any tension or comedy you’ve created.


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