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Valance Vs. Cornice Board: What’s the Difference? June 29, 2018

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Valance Vs. Cornice Board: What’s the Difference? , Kihei, Hawaii

Especially during the hot summer months, you may be in search of window coverings that look lovely and also help block out the heat. Two common window coverings are valances and cornice boards, both of which add style and function to the space. If you’re interested in these two popular interior design choices, you may want to learn about their key similarities and distinctions. 

Interior Design 101: What to Know About These Two Common Types of Window Coverings


Think of valances like a shorter version of drapes or curtains. Rather than extending to the bottom of the window, they end near the top third, which still allows natural light into the room. They may be ruffled, scalloped, or adorned with buttons, and they come in a variety of styles suitable for any interior.

They tend to look delicate and sophisticated, as they are often seen in formal environments like ballrooms. However, depending on the style and fabric you choose, they can also look more casual. Floral fabric with a simple cut can complement a farmhouse chic living room, for instance.

Cornice Board

interior designLike valances, cornice boards also just cover the top portion of the window. However, rather than being constructed from loose fabric like curtains, they consist of a hard board with fabric stapled to it. Compared to the looser, more flowing look of valances, cornice boards tend to appear more rigid and geometric in design. They may be arched, pleated, or skirted, or exhibit a range of other shapes.

Cornice boards especially complement minimalist, modern spaces, and are suitable for homeowners who want to add a pop of color without too much additional ornamentation. If you’re looking to add more structure to your space, then you may want to select a cornice board for your window treatment.  


Ultimately, both valances and cornice boards serve as wonderful options for those who want partial window coverings. If you think you may want to improve your home’s interior design elements, consult Kihei, Hawaii’s trusted interior decorating team. The savvy experts from Beaver Interiors offer a range of custom window coverings that you’ll love. To learn more about this interior design team, visit their website or call (808) 879-5089.

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